Leading Wealth Management Provider

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Murray Securus Wealth Management was named Who’s Who in Business 2016 as Lancaster’s Leading Wealth Management Provider as presented by Susquehanna Style. We’re very proud to be recognized as one of the Who’s Who in Business Lancaster 2016 Leaders.

Single People Need Life Insurance Too

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Life insurance is not just for married couples or people with children. Single people should invest in their future as well. The following provides a few things to think about: • Your debt does not die with you. While federal government loans may be forgiven or waived, personal loans are not. For example, if your parents co-signed your student loans … Read More

What is a Fiduciary and Why Should I Care?


Join us on April 19 at 11:00 a.m. for a webinar related to this article. Register here. If you’ve been reading the business pages recently, you may have heard the word “fiduciary” thrown around when it comes to the financial advice industry. The Department of Labor is proposing new rules for financial advisors that could have a dramatic effect on … Read More

“Fiduciary Warranties”

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As a plan sponsor, navigating the 401(k) landscape and offering a good retirement plan benefit can be difficult. If you add the fiduciary liability that comes along with offering a plan, it can be downright scary. There are ways to reduce your fiduciary liability through outsourcing different aspects of the plan. Unfortunately, there are so-called “fiduciary warranties” that being offered … Read More

Predicting Randomness: The Mathematical Genius Of Louis Bachelier

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You’ve heard that you can’t predict what the stock market will do on any given day. But is that really true? You’d think that with more than a century of data and the brightest minds in finance using super computers, somebody would be able to give an accurate short-term forecast. After all, the incentive for reliable market prediction is unimaginably … Read More

Medicare Part B Premiums Are on the Rise in 2016: What You Should Do Right Now



If you’re enrolled in Medicare, you should be aware of significant increases in Part B supplemental insurance premiums beginning in 2016, which will affect about 30% of seniors. For this group, monthly premiums may increase by more than 50%.1    (We are still waiting on the final determination from Medicare.) Medicare Part B covers services such as lab tests, surgeries and … Read More

Ludwig von Mises and the Knowledge Creating Power of the Market


Ludwig von Mises

You’ve possibly never heard of Ludwig von Mises, the Austrian economist who lived from 1881 to 1973. But his ideas on the necessity of free societies having free markets have made him one the 20th century’s most important thinkers. If you could meet him today, you’d probably want to thank him. All of us who seek long-term profits from investing … Read More

How Should Oil Prices Affect Your Investing?


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Crude oil is one of the most closely watched commodities in the market. Every time the price per barrel rises or falls more than a few cents, it seems to make the evening news. Lately, it’s been dropping. With energy being such a key component to the functioning of our economy, you might be wondering what you should do in … Read More

How Our Emotions Lead Us Into Bad Investing Decisions


Stressed about Finances

We like to think of ourselves as rational creatures. We imagine that most of our actions are motivated by sensible logic. The truth is, we humans routinely make major decisions largely based on emotion. Princeton Psychologist Daniel Kahneman along with Economist Veron L. Smith won the Nobel Prize in Economics for their work in “economic psychology,” an entirely new field … Read More