Maintaining Your Lifestyle in Retirement

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The need for retirement planning doesn’t end with the onset of retirement. For those lucky to be a new retiree, you will now see a shift in your focus from building wealth to managing and preserving it. One major challenge as you enter this new phase is to make sure your investment portfolio can supply cash flow for the duration … Read More


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When do you carry life insurance? Typically, when kids are young and money is tight. That’s when it’s most important to protect against the horrible, if unlikely, possibility of dying and leaving your family broke as well as bereft. Term life insurance, the least expensive variety of life insurance, has remained a popular choice among young families since it was … Read More

Common Mistakes in Business Succession Planning

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There are some primary steps that needs to be taken when considering your succession plan. Identify your succession team and do a valuation of your business. Create a strategy and implement a plan. Read the attached document and avoid common pitfalls in your succession planning. common-mistakes-in-business-succession-planning-handout-2015

New Fiduciary Rule Delayed

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The new Fiduciary Rule was just delayed by the Trump administration because they would like to review it. We at Murray Securus Wealth Management were excited about this rule going into effect because, by it’s nature, it was designed to protect the client. It was meant to put the clients interest before the advisers. This rule was designed to hold … Read More

Why Passive Investments are Popular

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“We’ve long felt that the only value of stock forecasters is to make fortune tellers look good.” This classic quote from Warren Buffett encapsulates the guiding principle of passive investors, who prosper not by trying to do better than the stock market, but by mimicking it at a low cost. These investors are often proponents of index funds and ETFs, … Read More

Life Happens – Life Insurance Awareness Month

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Nearly 100 million Americans do not have adequate life insurance. This is a staggering number as every month, we pay for insurance to protect our homes, cars and belongings. Colonial Life adds, “you’d think we’d give more consideration to protecting our family’s financial future.” Life insurance can provide the financial safety net needed to help families maintain their standard of … Read More

Life Insurance Awareness Month

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Danica Patrick named the spokesperson for “Driving race cars is risky. Not having life insurance to take care of your family is riskier.” – Danica Patrick

Leading Wealth Management Provider

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Murray Securus Wealth Management was named Who’s Who in Business 2016 as Lancaster’s Leading Wealth Management Provider as presented by Susquehanna Style. We’re very proud to be recognized as one of the Who’s Who in Business Lancaster 2016 Leaders.

Single People Need Life Insurance Too

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Life insurance is not just for married couples or people with children. Single people should invest in their future as well. The following provides a few things to think about: • Your debt does not die with you. While federal government loans may be forgiven or waived, personal loans are not. For example, if your parents co-signed your student loans … Read More

What is a Fiduciary and Why Should I Care?


Join us on April 19 at 11:00 a.m. for a webinar related to this article. Register here. If you’ve been reading the business pages recently, you may have heard the word “fiduciary” thrown around when it comes to the financial advice industry. The Department of Labor is proposing new rules for financial advisors that could have a dramatic effect on … Read More