Since 2006, we have had a strategic relationship with The Executive Planning Group (EPG) and are excited to introduce them to our clients with business succession needs. The staff at EPG help guide and implement solutions to help you plan your business succession. They are adept in addressing the unique requirements of closely held businesses, their owners and executives, particularly in making the complex simple.

For clients and key people looking to transition within or out of their business, Murray Wealth Management and EPG can serve as the first stop in discussing what steps are necessary to provide the most flexible and predictable plan.

A little about Lou and Drew:
Lou Grammes, CFBS, CLU, has been working with us since 2003 and has served as our special resource in discussing succession planning. Lou has a reputation of making the complex simple and dealing with “family dynamics” for those businesses that are closely held by family. He has over 50 years of experience and has never had a succession plan not be successful.

Drew Yerger, CFBS, has been working with Lou since 2009, and intensively in succession planning since 2011. Drew holds the Certified Family Business Specialist designation, as does Lou. Drew works with closely held businesses to review business evaluations, executive/ownership pain points, incentives and succession planning. Through Drew’s experience, he discusses the nuts and bolts of succession planning, the technology tools available to make the complex easier to understand and to help accomplish the goals with pivots along the way.

Below are some educational tools that can serve as both introduction pieces as well as areas of commonly overlooked planning concepts.

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