About Us

At Murray Securus Wealth Management Solutions, we offer a refreshing approach to managing wealth – helping both individuals and businesses manage assets through coaching and education.

Who we are.

Our team is committed to helping investors with the most tax efficient, cost-efficient portfolio supported by investor education and the integration of emerging technologies. Through the most sophisticated (yet simple) wealth management strategies, we help individuals and businesses manage their assets.

Ryan Neff, RFC

Executive Vice President

Russ Harlan, AIF

Wealth Coach

Kristine Simmons

Marketing & Communications

Heather Gallagher

Executive Assistant


At Murray Securus Wealth Management Solutions, we believe taxes, cost and time matter to a client. We adhere to the belief that investment success relies on diversification and managing the myriad of costs associated with investing. We deliver a total investment solution by utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory and the three factor model. We are committed to helping investors with the most tax efficient, cost efficient portfolio supported by investor education and the integration of emerging technologies. We partner with Efficient Advisors, The Advisor Lab and many other firms to deliver the most sophisticated (yet simple) wealth management strategies and education. We offer a fee-only, transparent approach to personalized advice rather than pushing proprietary investment products. Our experience and independence enables us to design a clear strategy to help you invest with confidence. We believe prudence and persistence are fundamental to smart investing and our goal is to always offer a superior investment experience.

Investment Philosophy

Our core investment philosophy is called Capital Markets Investment Strategy. In conjunction with Efficient Advisors, we combine elements of Modern Portfolio Theory, global asset allocation and factor-based portfolio engineering. Our goal is to capture global market returns without the trying to actively pick stocks, fund managers and/or time the market. Forecasting global markets is a costly low probability strategy. Decades of academic research have shown us this. Since you cannot predict market movements with consistency, we avoid the common temptation to pick “winning stocks” or rely on fund managers past performance to provide future returns. Instead, we engineer low-cost passively indexed portfolios based on capital market investing strategy.
This takes the guess work out of investing and instead offers an investor a portfolio that is prudently built to withstand market volatility for a given level and risk. We offer investors an array of globally diversified portfolios designed to maximize risk-adjusted return while optimizing the statistical probability for achieving their long term objectives. Each professionally managed asset mix has an understandable risk/return characteristics and targets a specific time horizon.

Our Process

We develop and manage wealth management strategies for individuals and businesses. We offer a complete investment solution to our clients that is planning based, and not product focused. We believe that education is paramount when it comes to investing and planning for the future. In tandem with Efficient Advisors we offer ongoing client-investor education. Our goal is to ensure you stay confident, focused, on target about your ideal financial outcomes. Investor Education can help you maintain clarity about your goals and insulate you from Wall Street’s barrage of confusing, self-interested messages. It is all too often that we are bombarded with conflicting information about investing and makes it near impossible to navigate the financial landscape. When it comes to investing, knowing the right things is more important than knowing everything. We are committed to helping you achieve financial clarity, confidence and comfort about your investment experience. As part of our commitment to our clients we also focus on ongoing investment and practice management education to help optimize their client guidance. Efficient Advisors’ formal advisor program called Operation Streamline is a perpetual education program, designed to help us in four key areas: Investment Science, Business Best Practices, Personal Development, and Investor Connection and Education.

How We Help Clients

We help our clients with business services that include retirement plan management 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plans. We manage executive deferred compensation and business continuation and succession planning. We also offer personal services like IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), SEP IRA individual account management. Personal services also include retirement planning, college planning, budget and analysis as well as personal insurance. We have alternative investments for accredited investors and financial planning services that include life and disability insurance, annuities and long term care. We offer investment and portfolio analysis for both 401(k) plans and individual assets.