New Fiduciary Rule Delayed

Kristine SimmonsUncategorized

The new Fiduciary Rule was just delayed by the Trump administration because they would like to review it. We at Murray Securus Wealth Management were excited about this rule going into effect because, by it’s nature, it was designed to protect the client. It was meant to put the clients interest before the advisers. This rule was designed to hold advisers accountable for the financial advice they give to clients. It was also designed to stop advisers from recommending investments that would pay them higher commissions, when other similar investments that pay the adviser lower commissions would be suitable.

We believe that when you give financial advice you should be considered a fiduciary. We are willing fiduciaries and take the role very seriously. The money that we manage does not belong us, it belongs to our clients. Our clients rely on us to make sure they are making prudent financial choices. We hope that when you look for advice from a financial adviser, the first thing you ask is “Are you a fiduciary?” and “How do you/and how much do you get paid?”