Life Happens – Life Insurance Awareness Month

Kristine SimmonsUncategorized

Nearly 100 million Americans do not have adequate life insurance. This is a staggering number as every month, we pay for insurance to protect our homes, cars and belongings. Colonial Life adds, “you’d think we’d give more consideration to protecting our family’s financial future.” Life insurance can provide the financial safety net needed to help families maintain their standard of living in the event of a loss. Life insurance is for the people who live. It is for taking care of those you leave behind. Statistically, 1 in 3 households would have immediate trouble paying living expenses if the primary wage earner passed away. Life insurance can not only supplement that loss but can be used to pay for burial expenses. On average, those who own life insurance do so to cover burial expenses (53%) while 35% use it to replace lost income.

There are many types of life insurance and coverages. It can be overwhelming and confusing. Let us help. We offer a no fee consultation to go over you and your family’s needs. 40% of people haven’t purchased life insurance because they simply weren’t sure what to buy. Murray Securus can help walk you through your options.

Life happens. Reduce your budget, not your life insurance.